Kollective Electronic Works Vol. I

by Organic Disharmonia

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Kollective Electronic Works is a compilation made by and for friends, brothers in arms and just a bunch of freaks who prefer to waste their time and money on quality experimental "music" rather than absorbing the mainstream bullshit.

The compilation is not restricted to one genre or theme, no censoring, no political correctness, no politeness. However, the focus point remains close to the dark ambient, death industrial, harsh noise and power electronics and their experimental areas.

This edition's participants:

[ Fvngvm ]

"Drone ambient ekonoise fused in the divine sound of terranum and dropped from a mold air, long enough to transform liquid membranes in ideas as fugitive as light."
fvngvm // [ aeronmïcron ]

[ Amarthalos ]

Ambiental mystic transcendental black metal solo project from Romania formed in 1997.
The man behind Amarthalos is Amarthalos Almagesta Phosphoros Luciferus.
Amarthalos went from playing raw, primitive black metal to playing ambient, dark, mistic and transcendental exclusively synthesizer-based music.
His two most recent albums, 2006’s "Lumina Ce Se Stinge" (Light Is Extinguished) and 2008’s "Light…", are purely dark ambient .
However, they do not represent a complete departure from Amarthalos previous works, as his albums always contained keyboard elements.


[ Embers Below Zero ]

Was formed in 2015 in Katowice, Poland. The project released a number of materials including digital EPs, two tapes and a full length debut via Shimmering Moods Records. It also participated in several online compilations.
Embers Below Zero is balancing between dark and light ambient with an experimental touch.
The future is unknown.


[ Atelier II ]

"We are interested in addressing the paradox of being out of the nature and at the same time hopelessly in it. The tragedy of being aware of the paradigm of life and not being able to overcome it has generated interesting fabrications like cultures, societies, beliefs, values, philosophies and lifestyles ranging from outrageous to ridiculous throughout the history. The artistic approach to the existential investigations on time, space, contingency, nothingness, biological life, decay and death, is a legit and seductive approach from our position of condemned conscious beings."


[ Krāllār ]

Is a drone/noise project from Sofia, Bulgaria.
Warning! listening to krāllār is tiring and may cause extreme psychological strain.


[ IC1101 ]

“Is an earlier martial industrial/dark ambient project that allowed me to explore deeper into the sub-genres. It started two years ago with a simple idea - to reflect our emotions and the emotional memories of our ancestors throughout of the whole entire History.

This could cause different perceptions - social, philosophical, mystical, anything depends from the individual point of the listener. IC1101 exists and it doesn't in the same time, just like the name of the same IC1101 galaxy - the brightest and the biggest ever discovered yet by the scientists. It is so distant from time and space of our Solar System that we can hardly imagine whether is it blown up according to our timeline or yet it exists?”


[ The Observer] / [Prime Mover ]

"The Observer & Prime Mover are two sides of the same perspective.
One gazing beyond the ephemeral, beyond time and space, as a skeptic dreamer and a filtering receptor.
The other roars in the mechanical tongues of matter, enraged at its limitations.

This is the duality of sentient beings, here intimately manifested in an underdeveloped world."


[ Mrs. Watanabe ]

Mrs. Watanabe is an anonymous project, covered in secrecy and obscurity.


"Cheap wine-centric rancour electroniks awakened by secretions of spirit and fed upon stercoral tropisms."
(Romania, Baicoi-Bucharest).


[ Purity Index ]

Purity Index is a power electronics entity from Bucharest, Romania.


[ Adonai Atrophia ]

AA is a philosophical and esoteric approach to anything that goes with the experience and knowledge about the Creation of the Universe and the Hiding of the Void behind this so called by the Indians "dream" - the truths that are beyond our world of projections and forms.


[ False Negative ]

False Negative is a metallic harsh noise act. Utilising scrap metal and tons of distortion and feedback FN creates an industrialised texture that is repetitive, monotonous and straightforward. Lack of any post-processing or mastering enables FN to obtain a very raw and primitive sound.

[ Nava Spatiala ]

A duo specialised in noisenautics, Nava Spatiala creates sounds which are based on noise/drone/ambient atmospheres, relying on apparently chaotic, unintentional and improvisational use of the spectrum. Carefully keeping you alert along their journeys by the dadaist and deconstructivist approach, they invite you to a continuous exorcism of the present - the soundscapes Nava Spatiala creates also work as a pretext for meditation. Nava Spatiala started in 2010 and their musical approach is based on field-recordings, as well as on sound synthesis.



released February 15, 2017



all rights reserved


Organic Disharmonia Bucharest, Romania

The "Kollective" is an undefined number of participants, sharing their main interest in the Industrial and Post Industrial music areas, focused especially on dark ambient, death industrial, harsh noise and power electronics.

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